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Kruger Glacier National Park Helicopter Tour Rates

The BLACK PATH is for the full hour trip and the RED PATH is for the half hour trip


Half Hour Tour Pricing / Red Map

4 Person = $150 each

3 Person = $195 each

2 Person = $295 each

1 Person = $595 each


On our half hour tour, we will see five active glaciers in Glacier National park, including Harrison Glacier, Pumpelly Glacier, Blackfoot Glacier, Jackson Glacier, and Sperry Glacier. We will begin our journey flying over West Glacier passing over the Middle Fork of the Flathead River. Jim will name lakes rarely seen by the Glacier Park tourist as our flight passed above some of the 9,000 ft. and higher peaks of Glacier park. We will see waterfalls most travelers to this area never knew existed, Lincoln lake in the Western Portion of the park.

One Hour Tour Pricing / Black Map

4 Person = $295 each

3 Person = $395 each

2 Person = $590 each

1 Person = $1180 each


Our one hour tour includes an additional 13 active glaciers, including Grinnell, Salamander, Ahern, Old Sun, Ipasha, and Weasel Collar, as well as many others whose names are known to only the best of pilots, such as Jim, as we fly directly over the continental divide. Jim will explain what significance the continental divide has on your particular region of the country, if you live in the united States. We will fly up to and along the Canadian Border, and view the spectacular Waterton National Park, Alberta. We will fly over Iceberg Lake, which was named from the many icebergs which float on the surface of the water.


Glacier National Park Helicopter Tours

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Glacier National Park Helicopter Tours